About Us

Roles and Functions

The Statistical Service has a mandate to collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish reliable and timely information relating to the social, economic and general activities or conditions of the inhabitants of Barbados. This mandate is given under the Statistics Act Cap. 192, of the Laws of Barbados.

The Department falls under the Division of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. It is headed by a Director, assisted by a Deputy Director.

From April 2017, the Department was restructured and now consists of 5 Divisions.

Business Surveys Division (Establishment)

The Business Surveys Division is charged with the responsibility of collecting comprehensive information on the industrial sector. This is achieved by conducting periodically a number of surveys of industrial establishments.

Economic Statistics Division

The Economic Statistics Division is responsible for the compilation of National Accounts Statistics and International trade statistics according to internationally accepted standards.

Social and Demographic Statistics Division

This Division is responsible for collecting, collating and publishing statistics on the broad subject areas of births and deaths in the population, tourist and visitor arrivals, other social phenomena and household surveys.

Methods and Planning Division

This is a newly created Division, to provide a systematic, coordinated approach to strengthen Barbados’ National Statistical System, ensuring that all Official Statistics produced for Barbados are streamlined with international concepts, classifications and methods.

Central Business Services Division

This newly created Division provides support services for the other Divisions of the Department. These services include the Information Technology network system, the Geographic Information Service, Accounts, Human Relations, and Communications.