Site of the First Statistical Department

The department was established in 1956 through a technical assistance programme of the United Nations by Dudley Seers, Professor of Economics at Sussex University. The recruiting office was on the site now occupied by the Treasury Building.


The Original Staff of the Statistical Department

The initial staff complement was twenty (20) persons.


The Government Headquarters

The first home was at Government Headquarters on Bay Street. Mr. George Ashby served as acting Government Statistician until his death in 1957 when Mr. Charles Alleyne took up the post.


Relocated to the Garrison in 1957

In 1957, the department was relocated to The Garrison. By 1958, The Statistics Act was passed. Mr. Christopher Springer acted as Government Statistician in 1959 and was later appointed. He was succeeded by Mr. Alleyne who was appointed in 1964. In 1966 Mr. Alleyne was appointed as Director.


Today BSS' home is the NIS Building

Today, BSS home is the N.I.S. Building on Fairchild Street