Socio-economic and Gender Statistics Division

Role: The Socio-Economic Statistics Division is responsible for collecting, collating and publishing statistics on the broad subject areas of:

  • Tourism
  • Population and Vital Events (Births, Deaths etc.)
  • Other General Social Indicators


  • Estimating the population of Barbados
  • The production of Statistics relating to Births, Deaths Divorces and other vital events
  • The preparation of results of Population and Housing Censuses
  • The production of Tourism Statistics
  • Estimates of Expenditure of Tourists
  • Survey of Overnight Guests
  • Ad hoc survey on Tourism related issues
  • The production of other social indicators

Organization Structure:

The Division is managed by one (1) Senior Statistician, who is assisted by one (1) Statistician. Other staff are Two (2) Statistical Assistants and Five (5) Clerical Officers.

Publications Produced:

  • Digest of Tourism Statistics (annual)
  • Analysis of Tourist Arrivals (Bulletin - monthly)
  • Vital Statistics Report (quarterly, annually)